Durable Goodstock - Winter is coming!

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Please contact us for the address, Sammamish

Our annual semi-private band party. Contact us to be added to the Evite or get the address.

This year you begged us not to do it! But we're old and don't listen very well- so we're doing it anyway. You might as well join us...

What two things are so perfect that Mother Nature intended them to be together? Why classic rock and croquet of course!

Come on by to hear the band “Durable Goods” (composed of your favorite degenerate reprobates) play those awesome rock and blues tunes. Weather permitting; our guests will be able to engage in various lawn-oriented combats, I mean games. Bring the kids, it’s about time they learned what real music sounds like (and I can yell at them to “get off my lawn”)!

IMPORTANT NOTE- We have two horses living on the property (I think they snuck in and are squatting), so if you're highly allegic you have a great excuse not to come! But if you like horses, they may be here and rocking out with the crowd.

Light appetizers will be provided (feel free to bring something if the mood strikes you) and BYOB.