About Us

Byron Pimms - Bass Guitar
Byron started his musical journey playing clarinet from the fourth grade through the twelfth.  A friend loaned him a bass guitar so he could jam in his band and the rest is history!  Byron spent many hours teaching himself songs by ear and learning the fret board.  To play a line from a song and do it as good as the recording is almost like being as good as the person that originally played it.  He has always liked the classic rock and roll from the fifties, sixties, and seventies and can lay down some mean blues.  Bryon is the heartbeat of the band, building a solid foundation for the rest of us to build on.  Rhythm and low end- that is what it is all about.

Don Mills - Lead Guitar
This year Don celebrates the 50th anniversary of his life-long companion—the guitar. He did not choose the guitar. The guitar chose him. He is currently possessed of Stella, the ’57 CS Strat, and of Bernadette, the Gibson ES 330. Two marvels of mojo magic. His desert island disks would have to include songs by Jethro Tull, Johnny Rivers, the Beach Boys, The Turtles, Jefferson Airplane, The Beatles, John McLaughlin, Alvin Lee, Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, Muddy Waters, Jimi Hendrix, Dire Straits,The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan and the Allman Brothers Band. That’s a lot of disks, but hey, he’s got another 42 years to go.

Eddy Young- Drums
That is all!

Jeff Short - Rhythm Guitar, 12-string Guitar, Vocals, Keyboard, Cello
Music was put on the shelf back in the day, for a career in dentistry and teaching. But the music was never very far away. He always had his treasured Harmony Sovereign guitar close by, along with dreams of playing with the band. After resurrecting the dream by singing with Seattle Rock Orchestra for the past three years, his chance to play with Durable Goods is a dream come true. Also goode is his hobby of restoring old '60's guitars, which yields magic Harmony and Silvertone three-pickup axes to play in the band. Both guitars have more tones than he knows what to do with. Add the 12-string and the mellow cello, it is all goode for this boy's dream.

Randy Hayes - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Inspired early in life by the vocal stylings of Bob Dylan, Randy was devastated when his idols Milli Vanilli were unfairly destroyed by musical troglodytes. He now harbors dreams of being a cookie-monster singer in a Scandinavian Death Metal Band, and fills the empty hours performing the greatest classic rock hits in the known universe.